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Welcome to The Wanda Foundation. Home of inspiring environmental change through the arts, and a hub for artists looking to share their creativity with a wider community.

Our passion is in supporting you to realise yours.

With a comprehensive toolbox of user-friendly resources, industry tools for artists of all modalities, and interactive arts opportunities for community engagement, our vision is to shine a light on art that leaves a legacy for our planet.

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Our Mission

Inspiring positive environmental change through the arts.

Our Why

The Wanda Foundation For The Arts - Already Ancient Aotearoa, Exquisite And Hand Crafted Stories In Stone
Exquisite and hand crafted stories in stone- Already Ancient Aotearoa

The arts -  performance, music, literature, theatre, film and visual arts have long been recognised as a catalyst for social and political change.

Art has the power to raise awareness,  inspire change, challenge norms,, and foster emotion in a way which transcends language, social and cultural differences.  

Eco-art of all forms has the power to tantalise our perception to see beyond the constructs that society has built.

Art enables thinking, connections never before experienced and with a heart centred delivery, serves our kaupapa at The Wanda Foundation to inspire and incite wins for our planet.

Wanda Foundation Tui In Progress, Arun O Connor Photography Invercargill
Tui in progress, Arun O'Connor photography - Invercargill
Animated Waste Free Wanda, Meek Wild Creation, Southland
Animated Waste Free Wanda, Meek Wild Creation, Southland

The Wanda Foundation are passionate about supporting eco - artists and arts projects which deliver impactful messages about our planet and all life upon it.

By supporting artists to showcase environmental themes and messages through the arts, we are advocating for our planet and leaving a legacy of positive change and awareness for future generations.

We work with artists and performers, providing education, tools, strategies and opportunities for our people and tamariki to build knowledge, confidence and to feel empowered to make long-lasting positive change

A few of our partners

Art plays a crucial role in shaping and renewing culture: it can shine a spotlight on truth, create moments of joy or inspire us to act. In times like these, we need to empower artists like never before to help us reflect, to rekindle our hope and to imagine a better future.

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