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Waste Free Wanda

Waste Free Wanda is an interactive stage show for primary-aged children.

Written and performed by award-winning singer/songwriter Anna van Riel, this one-woman musical gives young audiences empowering and creative solutions on how to combat single-use plastics and protect our environment, while using the arts to give them the confidence to implement them.


With powerhouse anthems and solutions that stick, Waste Free Wanda is an entertaining, one-stop educational solution that shows us how we can reduce our waste and discover tools that prevent us from counting solely on recycling to save our planet.

With the help of her young audiences, her ghetto blaster and Takumanumanu, her ancient grandfather, Wanda finds solutions to save her town and empower her community.

This dynamic and hugely entertaining stage show is currently touring New Zealand.

Our Mission

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“Waste Free Wanda is a fun way for kids to become involved in the conversation, letting them know the effects of plastic pollution and what they can do to help.”
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