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Anna Robinson
Enviroschools Coordinator

This show is next level! Wanda instantly captivates her audiences as she graces the stage with her upbeat and funky style.


Wanda’s show hits the mark for school students, with her fun delivery of educational key messages.

Wanda tackles difficult conversations around pronunciation of te reo Maori, environmental care and responsibility, and self determination, all with an earnestness that melts viewers hearts as they are carried along on her journey.


All of this delivered while Wanda is singing her catchy song which help continue that learning after the show!

Sophie Mander

QLDC are proud to have supported Anna and Plastic Free Wanaka to create ‘Waste Free



We believe the show and Wanda are valuable assets to the community and look

forward to seeing Wanda’s power and energy spread across Otago.


We have no doubt she

will encourage environmental change through creativity, empowerment and fun for all those

that attend.

Councillor Michael Deaker
Otago Regional Council

We see benefit in the Waste Free Wanda Tour, to educate our younger generation and provide them with easy-to-use tools that support positive environmental change around water and wildlife conservation.


Our youth are the key to ensuring a better future for Otago’s environment and this tour provides a unique, hands-on and fun way of engaging with them

Royal Albatross Centre





Absolutely highly recommend seeing Waste Free Wanda's show. A highly engaging and interactive show for kids and adults showing an important message on a waste-free world and how we can reduce our impact on the environment and work towards being more sustainable.


Thank you for visiting the Royal Albatross Centre!

Tina McColgan
Maori Womens Welfare League

Your kaupapa places a moko on our tamariki to become the kaitiaki of papatuanuku and the content of your play utilises the ‘genealogical positioning system’ that supports their understanding by providing a context from which they can better understand Maori notions of "living by the kaupapa". 

Whether environmentalist by belief system or not, people's behaviour is more aligned with a higher power when we consider caring for the planet we all share. If we support tamariki's understanding of how they can affect positive change as individuals - We are all the better for it. I feel honored to support your project.

Nicola Woods
Music Therapist

This show is a must see for all children in schools.


A wonderful magical play that is such fun for children to watch, engage with, sing along and educate in this critical time on planet earth. I would recommend government funding so this could go nation wide and support climate change awareness and direct actions each of us can take!


Congratulations on producing such an epic show!

Kelly Alexander

Caught Waste Free Wanda at the Dunedin Library yesterday. What a hoot! An amazing message about working on a waste free world that had a massive impact on my kids and me.


Wrapped in a beeswax sandwich of laughs, beautiful singing, top notch acting and some enviable 80’s moves. Highly recommend for all ages.

Hawea Flat School





We were lucky enough to have Waste Free Wanda come and present her show at our school. We had a hard time getting the songs out of our heads - so catchy! It was a great way to convey a very important message about sustainability.

Engaging and entertaining!

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