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The Wanda Foundation was established in July 2021 by performing artist and environmental ambassador Anna van Riel. Anna is the founder of Plastic Free Wånaka; a non-profit with the focus on supporting communities to reduce single-use waste at a grassroots level.

Her one-woman environmental stage show, Waste Free Wanda was launched under the banner of Plastic Free Wånaka, but soon expanded beyond the Wanaka community. With a desire to reach more communities in New Zealand, Anna formed the Wanda Foundation in order to bring awareness and solutions further afield.  With a keen focus on advocating for the arts, the Wanda Foundation believes that in order to be our best creative selves, we must ensure we have a healthy environment to be creative on. 


With a powerhouse board of trustees, The Wanda Foundation endeavours to become a household name for communities in Aotearoa.

Our Mission
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Our Mission

To empower and inspire through the arts to support our communities to live a more sustainable life.
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Our Vision

Through the arts, The Wanda Foundation endeavours to inspire and lead  environmental change.

If you like the sound of what we are trying to achieve then we would absolutely love and appreciate your support. Your support will help us take Wanda to the wider NZ community and inspire more change amongst our communities.

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